5 Reasons For Good Website Design

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to take the time to write about the importance of good website design. Truth be told, I assumed it was universally understood that design is important. Then I spent some time browsing the web with this question in mind…and it became clear to me—based on what I saw—that design isn’t a top priority for all small businesses.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. So, whether something is attractive in appearance or not is clearly subjective. However, design isn’t just about beauty. It’s also about functionality, organization and communication.

While a beautiful website is important to initially attract a prospective customer, a well-designed website is what keeps them coming back.

Here are 5 reasons why good website design is important.

1) Strong Website Design Instills Strong Customer Trust

Your website is promoting your business around the clock. A visitor may or may not be looking at your website during regular business hours and, therefore, can’t necessarily call you to clarify what you do or how you do it. As a result, if they’re lacking confidence in your ability to satisfy their needs, they’re likely going to move on and look elsewhere.

It’s vital that your website conveys a level of quality and sophistication commensurate to your business’ abilities.

2) Good Design Helps Your Brand To Be Memorable

Whether we’re talking about your online competitors or the Internet as a whole, there’s a lot of congestion out there. There’s a lot for prospective customers to sift through when they’re looking for something. Therefore, it’s imperative that you cut through the noise.

If your online image is simply a slight variation of everyone else’s, and you’re not standing out from the crowd, they’re not going to remember you.

Having a well-designed website, one that provides a pain-free user experience, will help your brand be memorable.

3) Content Appears More User-Friendly When It’s Well Designed

You’re a seasoned professional. In your mind, your business is usually easy to understand and you provide a good or service that most people find valuable. However, in most cases, there’s a certain amount of intimidation among those less familiar with what you offer, and it’s very easy to scare off the uninitiated.

When content is correctly organized and presented in a well-designed manner, the complex can be made simple. Your web presence needs to help the prospective buyer understand your product is what they’re looking for and what they need.

Smart design can reduce the intimation factor and make it more comfortable for your next customer to reach out to you.

4) Packaging Affects Perception

It’s no secret, the packaged food industry spends billions of dollars in research, marketing, and design to ensure their food presents in the best possible light. Of course, the food itself—in appearance, taste, and smell—is the same regardless of the packaging it’s contained within. But, we very often eat with our eyes.

As a result, the package food industry knows that the packaging has to look as good, if not better, than the actual food itself in order to fly off the shelves.

This same idea applies to the goods or services you provide to your customers. While you truly believe your product is high quality, if not the best, if your presentation is lacking, your prospective customers may not even give you a shot showing that to them.

Don’t let poor presentation cast doubt over your good product.

5) Ensuring a Good First Impression

And, finally, the idea that you can only make a good first impression once. While this should be obvious to you already, you may be thinking about first impressions solely within the context of your initial interaction with a customer. But, the truth is, your website is your 24/7 salesperson that will make the first impression on behalf of your company more often than not.

If your website doesn’t make the right impression, you will lose prospects that you’re not even aware of and, therefore, can’t chase after.

If you hired a new salesperson, you would make sure he or she was appropriately dressed, educated on your services and products, and well versed in your brand.

So, treat your website with the same respect and attention so you can convert casual visitors into actual customers.

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