Never Underestimate the Power of Customer Surveys

One thing all businesses can agree on is the fact that customer satisfaction is essential to success. However, it can be difficult to gain trust and loyalty. This leaves businesses asking: how can I find out what customers truly want? In most companies, the marketing department spends a lot of time evaluating market trends and …

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Influencer Marketing: How to Get Started

While it’s true that the more traditional methods of advertising are still relevant, there’s another way that small businesses can attract new customers: influencer marketing. This is a form of marketing where small businesses use social media personalities and industry experts to promote their products/services. In some cases, it’s simply to promote brand awareness. Typically, …

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Effective Marketing Strategies that Have a Tangible Impact in 2022

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. The market is oversaturated, and customers are spoiled for choice, meaning products rarely sell themselves anymore. You have to frequently go above and beyond for your efforts to bear fruit. More importantly, your entire brand must get into alignment with customer expectations or risk becoming censured. Nothing sums …

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What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting? No thanks, I’ll just host it myself!

No you won’t.

The Internet has been around a while now. While many of you—especially those reading this “online” article—are experienced in navigating the Internet, unless you have owned a website before, you may not be aware of what website hosting is.

Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource

You run a business. You’re good at what you do. As a matter of fact, you’re so good at what you do that you started (or manage) a business to sell what you do.

A business, however, always requires more than your core competencies to exist, let alone succeed. Whether it’s back office functions like order fulfillment, accounting, inventory management, and the like or more public-facing responsibilities, like sales, PR, and marketing, there are roles your business demands that your internal human resources can’t support.